Shokhor Vladimir (1902–?) – historian of religion, publicist.

He participated in the activities of the Union of Militant Atheists, and, later, in the work of the anti-religious section of the Communist Academy in Moscow, where he joined the group of F.M. Putintsev, who criticized the ‘old school’ of anti-religious Marxists, and actively opposed the head of the section, A.T. Lukachevsky. In 1933, under the leadership of F.M. Putintsev, Sh. took part in the work on the book ‘Lenin's Anthology on Atheism’ (never published). From 1938, he worked at the Central Anti-Religious Museum in Moscow (from 1942, the Central Museum of the History of Religion and Atheism) as Deputy Director for Research Work, supervised the exposition, and research and educational work of the museum. In the second half of 1940s, he had part-time worked at the History and Archival Institute (Moscow). He published his early works under the pseudonym Atey.

The main field of interests of Sh. included history of free thinking in Russia and Europe, the origin of Christianity and its Classical criticism, problems of the theory of atheistic work.