Kurganov Fedor (1844–1920) – Byzantine scholar, historian of the Church.

He was from a family of a countryside priest. He graduated from a theological school and the Penza Theological Seminary. In 1870 he graduated from the Kazan Theological Academy, having received Master's degree in Theology for his thesis: ‘The Administrative System of the Church of the Greek Kingdom’ (published in Kazan in 1872). From 1870 to 1885, he held the department of the Church history at the Kazan Theological Academy. In 1880, he got Doctor of Theology degree for his thesis ‘Relations Between Ecclesiastic and Civic Authorities in the Byzantine Empire. Review of the Era of Shaping and the Final Establishment of Certain Relationship Between Ecclesiastic and Civic Authorities in Byzantium (325‒565)’. Due to a conflict with the leadership of the Academy, he was transferred to the Kazan University in 1885. In 1910, he became Honored Ordinary Professor of the Kazan University and kept that position for the last 10 years of his life.

The main topic of his research was the relationship between civic and ecclesiastic authorities, mainly in the Byzantine Empire.