Nikiforov Aleksander (1893–1942) – philologist and ethnographer.

In 1917, he graduated from the Petrograd University, studied Old Russian monuments. Since 1919, he led special practical classes in philological disciplines at the Kazan’ High Teachers-Training Institute. In the second half of 1920-s, N. participated in a complex research expedition along the rivers of the Russian North and fixed texts of local folk tales. In 1922-1930, he worked in Leningrad – at the Research Institute of Comparative Studying of Literatures and Languages of West and East at the Leningrad State University, at the Tolstoy Museum, at the Institute of Art History, at the Institute of Speech Culture. In 1930-1936, he taught at the Leningrad Indestrial Academy. In 1936-1938, he was Professor of the Leningrad Herzen Teachers-Training Institute; and in 1936-1942 – also at the Leningrad Pokrovsky Teachers-Training Institute, where he had classes in folklore, Old Russian literature, Old Slavic paleography. On May 28, 1941, he defended his Doctor thesis in Philology ‘Tale of the Prince Igor’s Campaign – a Fable of the Twelfth Century’ at the Leningrad State University.

He died in the Blockade of Leningrad in 1942.