Znamensky Petr (1836–1917) – church historian, major works on the Synodal period of the history of the Russian Orthodox Church. He was the first in Russia to study the Church economics and parish life.

He graduated from the Theological School in Nizhny Novgorod (1846-1850), and the Seminary (1850-1856). In 1860, he graduated from the Kazan Theological Academy with a Master's degree in Theology (dissertation ‘Review of the Provisions on Ecclesiastic Affairs in Russia, Published in the Early Eighteenth Century’). Doctor of Theology (1875) (dissertation ‘Parish Clergy since the Reform of Peter’). Corresponding Member Imp. Ac. of Sc. (1892). Doctor in Civic History honoris causa of the Moscow University (1892).

He taught at the Samara Seminary (1860-1861), the Kazan Theological Academy (1861-1898): Professor Extraordinary (1866), Ordinary Professor (1868). He also taught at other educational institutions in Kazan. Keeper of the Solovetsky Library at the Kazan Theological Academy (since 1865). Chairman of the Commission for compiling a description of the manuscripts of the Solovetsky Monastery (1875-1892).

In his views, Z. was close to the Slavophils. Member of the Council of the Kazan Department of the ‘Russian Assembly’, a right-wing monarchist (Black Hundred) organization (1905-1917).