Sokolov Ivan (1865–1939) – Byzantinist, historian of the Church.

After graduating from the Saratov Theological School (1880), he entered the Saratov Theological Seminary. In 1886-1890, he studied at the Kazan Theological Academy. From 1891 to 1893, he taught at the Saratov Theological Seminary. In 1894, he got Master degree in Theology for his work ‘The State of Monasticism in the Byzantine Church from the Mid-Ninth to the Early Thirteenth Century. (842–1204)’ (Prize of Metropolitan Macarius, 1896). In 1894, he was admitted to the service at the St. Petersburg Theological Seminary (until 1903) as a teacher of the Ancient Greek language. From 1903, Ass. Professor of the Department of the Greek-Eastern Church of the St. Petersburg Theological Academy.

For his work ‘The Church of Constantinople in the Nineteenth Century. An Attempt of Historical Research’ (1904) he got the degree of Doctor of Ecclesiastic History (Prize of Metropolitan Macarius, 1906). From 1904 to 1918, Ordinary Professor at the St. Petersburg Theological Academy. Since 1919, Professor of the Department of Byzantine Studies, Kiev University. In 1927, he was a teacher of Modern Greek language at the Leningrad Oriental Institute.

Headed the Bibliography Department of the ‘Vizantiisky vremennik’ Magazine (1895-1904); at the same time, he collaborated with the magazine ‘Strannik’ (‘Wanderer’; section ‘Church and Social Life in the Orthodox East’). Editor of the periodical ‘Messages of the Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society’ (since 1905), member of the Palestine Society; Editor of the ‘Tserkovny vestnik’ Magazine (Church Bulletin) (since 1911)

Member of the Pre-Council Presence (1906), the Pre-Council Meeting (1912), and the Local Council of the Russian Orthodox Church (1917-1918), member of the Supreme Church Council.

He was arrested in the case of the so-called. ‘Evlogievtsy’ in December 1933, sentenced to five years of exile. Died in exile in Ufa in 1939.