Kerensky Vladimir (1868 ‒ not earlier 1927) – ecclesiastic historian and theologian, specialist in comparative theology. Cousin of А. F. Kerensky.

In 1883, after the graduation from the Simbirsk Spiritual School, he enrolled to the Simbirsk Spiritual Seminary (1889), and then – to the Kazan’ Spiritual Academy – he graduated from it in 1893. In 1894, he became Master in Theology for his thesis ‘Old-Catholicism, Its History and Inner Evolution, Particularly in the Dogmatic Aspect’. In 1904, he got Doctor degree in Theology for his thesis ‘The School of Richley’s Theology in Lutheranism: Research in the Field of the Newest Lutheran Dogma’. Active State Councilor (1903).

Since 1895, he worked as Docent at the Chair of the History and Analysis of Western Confessions of the Kazan’ Spiritual Academy; since 1905 – Full Professor. In 1897, he travelled to Germany and Switzerland to study Lutheranism and Old-Catholicism. The interest of K., as Orthodox theologian, to the contemporary Western Christian movement and to the dogma of the Papal infallibility accepted at the First Vatican Council, was so great, that he visited the fourth, the fifth, and the sixth congresses of Old-Catholics and published detailed reports about them.

Member of the Local Council of Russian Orthodox Church (1917).

When the Kazan’ Spiritual Academy was closed, for two years he has made lectures at the Kazan’ University (till 1922). The last mention on his activity is dated to 1927.