Zarin Peter () – n 1930-s, he was Chairman of the Voronezh Regional Council of the League of Militant Atheists; he wrote booklets and articles on religion and Church.

There is few information on Z. He, perhaps, studied at the Ya. M. Sverdlov Communist University in Moscow, after which was sent to Voronezh for work. He published articles in the local newspapers ‘Voronezhskaya kommuna’ and ‘Voronezhskyi bezbozhnik’ (The Commune of Voronezh; The Atheist of Voronezh), and was Executive Editor in both of them.

In his numerous articles in local media and in the central magazine ‘Antireligioznik’ he wrote about the necessity of struggle against religious superstitions, but also gave data on the new religious movements in Russia, including those existing in the frames of Orthodoxy. Those groups (‘Molchalniki’ – Silent Ones, ‘Revniteli tservi’ – Church Adherents, ‘Svetil’niki’ – Illuminators, and others) called believers for uniting, and declared that the Soviet power if embodiment of Antichrist. He described places of their meetings in details, characterized ‘the main activists’ and their methods of involving new members.