Sreznevsky Ismail (1812–1880) – philologist, specialist in Slavic studies, ethnographer, paleographer.

In 1826, he enrolled to the Kharkov University; in 1829, he got the Candidate degree; in 1837, he defended his Master thesis ‘An Etude on the Essence and Content of the Theory in the Political Disciplines’ (Kharkov, 1837). Adjunct at the Chair of Political Economy and Statistics at the Kharkov University (1837).

His amateur interest to ethnography and folklore was getting more and more professional. In 1839, he went to the South-Western Europe and spent three years there, studying folklore, life and popular religious beliefs of Slavs; and he sent regular reports and travel notes to Russian and European magazines.

In 1846, he defended his Doctor thesis ‘Sanctuaries and Rites of Paganism of Old Slavs’ at the Kharkov University.

In 1847, he moved to St. Petersburg. Since 1847, he taught at the Main Teachers-Training Institute, later – at the St. Petersburg University. In 1855-1880, he was Dean of the Historical and Philological Faculty of the St. Petersburg University. In 1861, he was temporary Rector. In 1862-1863, he was a member of the Administrative Board of the University.

Adjunct (1849), Academician of the Ac. of Sc. (1854); Member of the Russian Geographical Society; Member of the Russian Archeological Society (1850).