Snegirev Ivan (1793–1868) – folklorist, ethnographer, historian.

In 1814, he graduated from the Philological Department of the Moscow University. In 1815, he got the Master degree in Philology; since 1816, he was Adjunct, Teacher of Latin language at the Chair of Roman Literature and Antiquities of the Moscow University; in 1826-1835 – Professor of the Moscow University. In 1824-1855, he served as Censor. In 1819, he became Actual Member of the Society for Russian Literature; since 1821 – Librarian of the Society. In 1854, he was elected for Correspondent Member of the Ac. of Sc.

He was a brilliant connoisseur of the Old Russian culture and Moscow antiquities, supervised the restoration works in the Moscow Kremlin. He studied Russian folklore, popular Lubok prints, rites and feasts.