Shirokogorov Sergey (1887–1939) – anthropologist, ethnographer, historian of religion.

He studied at the Philological Faculty of Sorbonne, at the High School of Political Economy and Anthropological School (Paris, 1905-1907). Having returned to Russia in 1910, he studied at the Physical and Mathematical Faculty of the St. Petersburg University and at the same time at the Archeological Institute.

In 1910, he started to work at the Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography of the Ac. of Sc., then he became Head of the Tungus Dep. Since 1910, he participated in expeditions to the Eastern Siberia and to the Far East. Since 1916, he was Curator of the Anthropological Department of the Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography of the Ac. of Sc.

During the Civil War, he was at the Far East; he was one of the founders of the Far Eastern University of the Far Eastern Republic.

Coming of the Soviet power in 1922 took him in Shanghai; and he decided to stay in China, worked at educative institutions of Shanghai and Macao (Aomyn), and since 1930 – at the Catholic University in Beijing (Peiping).

He studied Shamanism of Northern peoples (Evenks), and built an original theory of ethnos.