Sarabianov Vladimir (1886–1952) – Soviet philosopher, historian and economist, author of anti-religious articles.

He participated in the revolutionary movement since 1903; in 1911, he graduated from the Legal Faculty of the Moscow University – at the Economical and Civic Departments. In 1922-1930, he worked for the ‘Pravda’ Magazine. Since 1930, he taught at various institutions.

He was an active participant of philosophical discussions of 1920-s – 1930-s, where he was criticized as ‘Mechanist’. After the death of M. A. Reisner in 1928, for several months, he has been Chairman of the Commission on the History of Religion at the Communist Academy. In December 1928, at the Communist Academy, there was an open meeting ‘The Social Roots of Religious Moods in the U.S.S.R.’ – S. made the main report.

Since the mid-1920-s, he taught at the Moscow Architectural Institute