Sadov Aleksander (1850‒1930) – classical philologist.

He was born in the family of a priest; in 1860-1866, he studied at the Nizhny Novgorod Spiritual Seminary; in 1872-1876 – at the St. Petersburg Spiritual Academy. After it, he got the rank of Candidate in theology and started to teach Latin at the Academy. In 1877-1880, he was sent abroad; and in 1882, he got his Master degree for his thesis ‘Bessarion of Nicaea: His Activity at the Ferrara-Florence Council, Theological Compositions, and Significance for the History of the Humanism’ (publ.: St. Petersburg, 1883). His Doctor thesis was ‘The Ancient Christian Writer Lactantius’ (publ.: St. Petersburg, 1895).

Since 1887, he was free lance Professor of the St. Petersburg Spiritual Academy; since 1896 – Full Professor; since 1902 – Honoured Professor. He was Member of the Educative Committee of the Most Holy Synod, a member and Secretary of the St. Petersburg Ecclesiastic Censorship Committee, editor of ecclesiastic magazines.

When spiritual academies were closed in 1918, he went to Kharkov (1919), then to Kherson – there, in 1920-1921, he taught classical languages at the Teachers-Training Institute. In 1921, he returned to Petrograd, worked at the State Public Library. He retired in 1925.