Rozhitsyn Valentin (1888–1942) – writer, historian.

He graduated from the 3rd gymnasium in Kharkov (1906). Entered the Faculty of History and Philology of Kharkov University,  not long before 1914 he stayed at the University for further education under the supervision of V. P. Buzeskul. His field of research was, evidently, the Modern History of the West – it could be seen from his publication in a university magazine in Kharkov in 1917, which is connected with his Master thesis (Chansellor Michel d’Hopital: Life. State Activity. Political Views // Zapiski of the Kharkov University. 1917, book ½).

Lecturer at the Kharkov School of Music (1914), teacher of the socio-economic cycle of science at the Kharkov Institute of Technology (1921–1922), professor at the Kharkov Institute of National Economy (1922–1924).

In 1918, R. Was one of editors of the Kharkov magazine ‘Kolosiya’. He actively argued for the revolutionary art. In 1922, he became Professor at the Communist University named after Artem. In 1924 he moved to Moscow. There he worked at the Central Anti-Religious Museum. He wrote several books, translated research works on the Modern History and Political Economy, and composed about 50 booklets.

His works, written after the Revolution 1917, were mainly educative and propagandist in character. The only exclusion was his fundamental research on Giordano Bruno – R. worked at it though all his life and did not finish it. The manuscript was prepared for publication by M. P. Rozhitsyna, who partly completed it with materials gathered by R.