Platonov Sergey (1860–1933) – historian.

Correspondent member of the Ac. of Sc. at the Historical and Philological Department (Russian history and antiquities) – since 1909; Academician 0 since 1920. In 1899, he became Professor of the St. Petersburg Universityl in 1918-1929, he was Chairman of the Archeographic Committee of the Ac. of Sc.; in 1925-1929 – Director of the Institute of Russian Literature (Pushkinsky Dom) of the Ac. of Sc. of the U.S.S.R; and in 1925-1928 – Director of the Library of the Ac. of Sc.

He was arrested on January 12, 1930 in the frames of the ‘Academic affair’. On August 8, 1931, he was sentenced to five years of exile; he was sent to Samara, where he died. He was excluded from the Ac. of Sc. on February 2, 1931; restores on April 5, 1968; rehabilitated.