Peretz Vladimir (1870–1935) – philologist, paleographer, historian of literature, folklorist, specialist in source studies.

In 1893, he graduated from the St. Petersburg University; in 1896-1903, he worked there as Ass. Docent.

In 1900, he defended his Master thesis, and in 1902 – his Doctor thesis; they were published as series of ‘Historical and Literary Research’ in three volumes.

In 1903, he became Ass. Professor; in 1903-1904, he was Full Professor of the Chair of Russian Language and Literature of the Historical and Philological Faculty of the Kievan St Vladimir University; since 1907, he supervised there the Seminar in Russian Philology. In 1914-1917, he was Professor of the Saratov University; in 1914-1927, he was Ass. Professor of the St. Petersburg/Leningrad University.

Laureate of the Macarius Award (1900), and Small Lomonosov Award (1903).

Academician of the Ac. of Sc. (1914; excluded on June 17, 1934; restored on March 22, 1990). Academician of the Ac. of Sc. of the Ukrainian Ac. of Sc. (1919).

He was arrested on April 11, 1934, in Leningrad in the frames of the so called ‘Affair of the Russian national Party’. On June 16, 1934, he was sent to exile to Saratov for three years, where he died on September 24, 1935. He was buries on one of the oldest cemeteries of the city – the Voskresenskoe Cemetery. Rehabilitated in 1957.