Macarius Metropolitan (Bulgakov Mikhail Petrovich) (1816–1882) – Orthodox theologian, ecclesiastic historian, hierarch of Russian Orthodox Church.

In 1831, he graduated from the Belgorod Spiritual School; in 1837 – the Kursk Spiritual Seminary; in 1841, he got his Master degree in Theology at the Kievan Spiritual Academy and became monk. Doctor in Theology (1847) for the thesis ‘Introduction into the Orthodox Theology’. In 1843. the Most Holy Synod granted him the rank of Ass. Professor in theology. In 1844-1857, he taught at the St. Petersburg Spiritual Academy; in 1851 – Rector. In 1851, he also became Bishop of Vinnitsa. In 1862 – Archbishop; since 1879 – Metropolitan of Moscow and Kolomna, member of the Most Holy Synod.