Mikhailovsky Victor (1846‒1904) – historian, ethnographer, pedagogue.

In 1870, he graduated from the Historical and Philological Faculty of the Kievan St Vladimir University. Since 1874, he was Ass. Docent of the Moscow University, taught historical disciplines; he was Director of a Moscow pro-gymnasium, teacher of the IV gymnasium. Since 1902, he was Director of the 2nd Moscow gymnasium. In 1900, he became Actual State Council. Member of the Society of Adherents of Natural Studies, Anthropology and Ethnography, Moscow Archeological Society, and Moscow Pedagogical Society.

For his pedagogical and administrative activity he was awarded with the following Orders: St Stanislaw 2nd level (1884), St Anne 2nd level (1888), St Vladimir 3rd level (1896).

He kept the principle of pedagogical humanism which supposed respect to the rights of children and their personality. His main works on religious history were connected with studying Shamanism and the history of the Reformation. Unlike Slavophiles, he associated the Czech Reformation with general European one.

В педагогике придерживался принципа педагогического гуманизма, предполагающего уважение личности ребенка и его прав. Основные труды по истории религии посвящены проблемам шаманизма и истории Реформации. В отличие от славянофилов подчёркивал тесную связь чешской Реформации с общеевропейской.