Kliuchevsky Vasily (1841–1911) – historian, specialist in Russian history.

He was born in a family of a village priest; graduated from the Historical and Philological Faculty of the Moscow University in 1865. His Candidate thesis was ‘Tales of Foreigners on the Moscovite State’; in 1871, he defended his Master thesis ‘Old Russian Lives of Saints as Historical Source’; in 1882 – his Doctor thesis ‘The Boyar Duma of Old Rus’. Since 1879, he made lectures in Russian history at the Moscow University – after the death of S. M. Soloviev; Professor since 1882. Besides, he made lectures at the Moscow Spiritual Academy, and at the Moscow Gerie Female Courses. In 1887-1889, he was Dean of the Historical and Philological Faculty and Prorector of the Moscow University. Correspondent Member (1889), then Academician (1900) of the Ac. of Sc. During the Revolution 1917, he was close to the Constitutional Democratic Party (CD), participated as a candidate in the elections to the I State Duma, but failed. As a member of the Special Counsel for Composing the Rule on Media, in 1905-1906, he argued for the liquidation of censorship. He took part in discussions at the ‘Bulygin Duma” in 1905 – he was for the providing legislative rights to Duma and for the introduction of the universal suffrage.