Kirpichnikov Aleksander (1845–1903) – philologist, historian of literature.

He fifnished the Fifth Moscow Gymnasium and enrolled at the Historical and Philological Faculty of the Moscow University; he graduated from it in 1865, and became a teacher of that gymnasium, where he learnt. Then, in 1871, he went to Germany, where he defended his Master thesis in Literature ‘An Attempt of Comparative Studying Western and Russian Epics: Poems of the Lombardian Cycle’ (publ. in Moscow, 1873).

He was invited at the Chair of the History of World literature at the Kharkov University (1873-1877). In 1878-1879, he travelled in Europe, in 1879, he defended his Doctor thesis ‘St George and Egorius the Brave: Research in the Literary History of a Christian Legend’ (publ. in St. Petersburg, 1879) at the St. Petersburg University. Since 1879, he was Full Professor of the Kharkov University; since 1885 – Full Professor of the Novorossiisky university in Odessa; since 1894 – Non-Staff Professor of the History of World Literature at the Moscow University; since 1898 – Full Professor there; in 1899-1902 – Dean of the Historical Faculty. Honoured Professor of the Moscow University (1900).

Since 1889, he was Curator of the Department if Pre-historic and Christian Antiquities of the Rumiantsev Museum; in 1902, he got a position of Librarian at the same museum.

In 1894, K. was elected for Correspondent Member of the Ac. of Sc. He was awarded with orders of St Stanislaw of the III and II level, memorial medals, twice – with Pushkin medals of the Ac. of Sc. for his research.

He died in Moscow and was buried at the Vagan’kovskoe Cemetery.