Flitner (Flittner) Natalya (1879‒1957) – historian of culture of Ancient East, egyptologist.

She learnt at the Kolomna Gymnasium, then graduated from the Institute of Emperor Nickolas I with an excellent diploma, and teachers-training classes at the same institute. She enrolled at the Hight Female Courses; since 1905 – free visitor of the Philological Faculty of the St. Petersburg University. In 1908-1912, she passed readings at the University of Berlin, studied monuments of Ancient East. In 1913, she graduated the St. Petersburg University with the specialization in archeology and the art of Classic Orient.

In 1913-1918, she worked as a teacher of history and Russian literature in several schools and female gymnasia of St. Petersburg. Since 1919, she has been Researcher of the 1st category at the Russian Institute of the Art History (Zubovsky Institute); she gave classes in archeology and supplied arts of Ancient Egypt. She also taught at the Petrograd (Leningrad) University, at the Repin Institute (later the Academy of Fine Arts). Doctor in History (1940); Professor of the Chair of the History of World Art at the Repin Institute (1949).

At the Hermitage she was Researcher of the Department of East (1919-1956) and made exhibitions and public lectures.