Elle Kuz’ma (1896‒1974) – ethnographer, historian and teacher; specialist in culture and history of Chuvash.

He graduated from the Kazan’ Teachers-Training Seminary (1917), the Kazan’ Teachers-Training Institute (1921); he studied at the post-graduate courses of the State Academy of History and Material Culture (1928-1933). He was a member and Secretary of the Society for Studying Local Region in Cheboksary (since 1926).

In 1933-1935, 1936-1937, E. worked at the Chuvash Research Institute of Social and Cultural Building, he was Director of the Research Library in Cheboksary. In 1942, he defended his Candidate thesis in history ‘The Past of the People of Chuvash on the Base of Proverbs and Sayings, Riddles, and Signs’.