Chistovich Illarion (1828–1893) – ecclesiastic historian, statesman.

Doctor in Theology (1871); thesis ‘Ancient Greek World and Christianity in relation to the problem of human immortality and afterlife’. Correspondent Member of the Imperial Ac. of Sc. at the Department of Russian language and literature (1874). Privy Councilor (1882).

He finished the Kaluga Seminary (1847), then he graduated from the St. Petersburg Spiritual Academy (1851) with the Master Degree in Theology. His supervisor was A. A. Fisher. In 1851-1873, made lectures at the St. Petersburg Spiritual Academy in philosophy and psychology. Since 1851, he has got a position of Bachelor (teacher) in Russian ecclesiastic and civic history, since 1856, he has been Ass. Professor at the Chair of Philosophy, since 1859 – Full Professor. Since 1866, he also has worked at the Imperial School of Jurisprudence – on the base of his own manual ‘The Course of Experimental Psychology’. Since 1865, he has worked at the Synod – as a member of the Commission on the archive description, a member of the Educational Committee, Vice-Director of the Chancellery of Ober-Procurator and etc.). Also he got a position at the Ministry of Internal Affairs on the work with Uniats, and at the Ministry of Education.

His main works were on the history of Orthodox Church, spiritual education of the eighteenth-nineteenth centuries, and on the history of translations of the Bible in Russia.