Brilliantov Aleksander (1867–1933) – Church historian, Correspondent Member of the Ac. of Sc. at the Historical and Philological Department from December 6, 1919.

He graduated from the St. Petersburg Spiritual Academy (1891); made lectures there at the Chair of General Ecclesiastic History (1900–1918); after closing the academy, taught at the First Petrograd Teachers-Training Institute (1918–1922) and at the Petrograd Theological Institute (1920-1923). He worked at the Public Library (1921–1930) as Chief Librarian, and Head of the First Department (library of the former St. Petersburg Spiritual Academy) (1925–1930). Doctor in Ecclesiastic History without defending thesis (1914). Member of the Commission on the History of Knowledge, Ac. of Sc., and the Russian-Byzantine Commission, Ac. of Sc. His main works were on the Church history. He was arrested on the ‘Academic Case’ and died in the exile in Tambov.