Bernadsky Victor (1890–1959) – historian in Old Russia.

He studied at the St. Petersburg University, but graduated from it by correspondence, after he was excluded from the fourth year (in 1912) for his participation in the students’ protests. In 1924-1959, made lectures at the Leningrad Herzen Teachers-Training Institute (1924-1925 – Ass.; in 1928-1945 – Docent at the Chair of Historical Methods, in 1942-1949 – Head of the Chair of the U.S.S.R. History, in 1955-1959 – Prof.). He also had administrative positions: in 1941-1944 – Deputy Director on Research, in 1945 – 1946 – Deputy Director on Educational Work at the same institute. In parallel, in 1943 – 1946, he made lectures at the Leningrad State University.

A research field of B. was in the history of medieval Rus’, and its ecclesiastic history was one of the main spheres of his interests; he specially studied an issue of monastic landownership, the relations between Church and tsars, mostly in the political life of Novgorod. In that context he turned also to the position of Russian Church towards Poland and Lithuanian.