Beneshevich Vladimir (1874–1938) – Byzantinist, archeographer, paleographer, historian of canonic law. Prof. of the St. Petersburg University, Head of the Chair of Ecclesiastic Law (1909), Prof. of the St. Petersburg Spiritual Academy (1907-1909), of the Military Law Academy (1909-1911). Correspondent Member of the Ac. of Sc., Department of History and Philology (1924). Member of the Strasburg Ac. of Sc. (1914), Bavarian Ac. of Sc. (1927), Berlin Ac. of Sc. (1929). Honourary Doctor of Law of the University of Athens (1912), Honourary Member of the Athens Society for Byzantine Research (1927). Scholar and active administrator of research work, member of numerous academic committees.

Before 1917, he was known with his free-thinking, that is why he was fired out the St. Petersburg Spiritual Academy and from the Military Law Academy; he was under the arrest. After 1922, he was also several times under the arrest; his last arrest took place on November 27, 1937; B. was shot on January 27, 1938. He was excluded from the Ac. of Sc. at the General Assembly on April 29, 1938; restored on December 19, 1958 – after his rehabilitation by the Military Court on August 27, 1958.